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Investor Relations

Investor Relations will become the portal to understand the economic and financial mechanics of LionPride.  In future we will have a number of articles that will inform new investors on the workings of the market, understanding the need for a broker, and how one participates in the market.


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Investors Presentation

 Listing investment holding company on ZARX. Innovative retail model using mobile telephony platform to reach the widest possible investor base. Investment profile that supports key government initiatives focused on economic transformation.


First Time Investor Guidance

Choosing an investment that is suitable for you depends on your individual circumstances and objectives. The 3 key areas in determining the right investment are, the amount of time you would like to invest; risk tolerance levels and the amount of money you would like to invest.

Risk tolerance levels

The level of risk one is willing to take also determines the type of investment one can get into. A risk tolerant investor would be more suited to investing in stock market based investments and other investments such as commodities which have higher risk but at the same time have potential for generating higher returns.

Time horizon

The time one has to invest is key in determining the type of investment one can invest in. The longer one has to invest, the higher they expect the returns to be because invested money generates returns which are re-invested, resulting in even greater returns (compounding effect).

Amount of money available for investment

A person who has a relatively large amount of money, say R50 000 can afford to invest directly into their own private share portfolio or their own fixed money market investment. A smaller investor on the other hand, with say R100 per month, who would not ordinarily be able to invest directly in their own portfolio can easily participate.
Investors Relations

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